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Silk Screened Umbrella, Embroidered Bag, Cap and Men's Black Shirt.

Embroidered  Bag, Cap, Men's Shirt and Men's All Weather Jacket and Engraved and filled Mag Lite Set

Ladies Embroidered White Shirt, Cap and All Weather Jacket

Commuter Cup, Silk Screened First Aid Kit, Engraved and filled Mag Lite Set, Multi Tool and Debossed Leather Luggage Tag 

National Grid project for Gardner Nelson & Partners  12 Part Leadership Bag, Gender and Size Specific 

 Bag Includes : Embroidered  Bag, Cap, Black Shirts for Males, White Shirts for Females and Black All Weather Jackets -Gender Specific;  Silk Screened Umbrella and First Aid Kit; Engraved Snub  Nosed Gerber Multi Tool,  2 MagLite Flashlights
Debossed Leather Luggage Tag

gardner nelson + partners

Logo Wall Plaque  - Embedment in Glass